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Our Story


Our Story

Australian baking at its best

Beefy’s is a family-owned company based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. We’re about as Aussie as the meat pie itself.

The first Beefy’s store opened in the Aussie World precinct in 1997. Proving that meat pies aren’t just for cold climates or the footy season, Beefy’s has grown thanks to the year-round support of South East Queensland locals.

Today, you’ll find Beefy’s in nine locations across South East Queensland. Beefy's Gluten Free Signature Steak Pies are now available for home delivery, and the Beefy's online store is coming soon which means, before long, more people will be able to enjoy Beefy's.


Some of our customers start their day with a Beefy’s. For others their Beefy’s is a snack, lunch or part of a meal to end their day. Then there are those who have a Beefy’s to celebrate a team win, a birthday or special occasion. Any reason will do.

Our pies and pastries are eaten in store, on the run and at home by tradies, tourists, families and pie enthusiasts, of course. We’ve got something on the menu for everyone, including gluten free meat pies and sausage rolls that are not only endorsed by Coeliac Australia, they’re award winners. 


Over the years, our pies haven’t just satisfied our customers, they’ve won lots of awards. While this makes us proud, it’s not why we’re in the business. We’re here to make sure that each and everything we bake hits the spot perfectly.


Ron and Shirley Hobbs, together with their son Mark and wife Belinda, are the dedicated family team who founded Beefy’s. They are still very much part of the business today. Their vision was for Beefy’s to deliver ‘Bigger, Better, Beefier Meat Pies – Guaranteed’ and this vision still holds true, making us award winners, and winners in the eyes of our customers.


As the Beefy’s business continues to grow, so too does the Beefy’s family. If you are looking for a solid career in baking or retail, have a willingness to learn and aren’t afraid of working hard, we’d love to hear from you. We have positions available behind the counters and in front of the ovens from time to time. Contact us for more details or download the employment application form and post it to Beefy’s, PO Box 1975, Buderim Queensland 4556.

1997 – Our first store opens in the Aussie World precinct. We were known as Sunrise Bakery back then! 

1998 – Our second store opens in Buderim.

2002 – We grab gold for the first time at the Great Aussie Pie Competition, with our Signature Steak Pie. 

2003 – Winners again!  Best Red Meat Gourmet Pie in Australia, and Runner Up Best Steak Pie in Australia in the Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition.

2004 – Feeling as proud as punch to win Gold, for the third year running, for our Signature Steak Pie at the Great Aussie Pie Competition.

2004 – Up until this year, we had made all products on site at our Aussie World precinct store. To allow for expansion, we moved our production to a new facility at Kunda Park on the Sunshine Coast. 

2006 – The sun set on our old name, Sunrise Bakery, and Beefy’s was born.

2007 – Beefy’s Glasshouse opens; it’s our third store. 

2009 – We move to our bigger and better current headquarters and production facility at 36 Page Street, Kunda Park on the Sunshine Coast.

2011 – Beefy’s first drive thru and fourth store opens at Ningi.

2012 – Beefy’s expands beyond the Sunshine Coast and opens in Gympie, our fifth store.

2012 – Three months after Gympie opens, Beefy’s Cannon Hill opens; it’s our sixth store and our first one in Brisbane.

2014 – Beefy’s Gluten Free Signature Steak Pie added to the menu.

2014 – Beefy’s second drive thru and seventh store opens at North Lakes, Brisbane.

2015 – Beefy’s third drive thru and eighth store opens at Mango Hill, Brisbane.

2015 – Beefy’s Gluten Free Gourmet Sausage Roll added to the menu.

2015 – Winner Australia’s Best Gluten FREE Pie 2015’ at the Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition in Sydney.

2016 – Beefy's Gluten Free Signature Steak Pie home delivery service begins and our ninth Beefy's store opens at Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast.

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Our GF Story

Our GF Story



Beefy’s gluten free steak pie and gourmet sausage roll taste so good you won’t believe they’re gluten free. 

Endorsed by Coeliac Australia, our gluten free steak pie has won awards Australia wide, for taste and quality, including ‘Winner Australia’s Best Gluten FREE Pie 2015’ at the Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition in Sydney. Most importantly though, the fact they’re gluten free means that Beefy’s meat pies and sausage rolls can now feature in the lives of Australian families like the Hobbs family.


Now every Australian family can dine out at Beefy’s or have a Beefy’s pie night at home. No one needs to miss out.

Beefy’s Gluten Free Signature Steak Pie is available as a lunch-time sized option, along with the Beefy’s gluten free sausage roll. Find them on the Beefy’s pie menu and Beefy’s pastries menu. Buy them hot to enjoy on the go or cold to reheat at your convenience from your nearest Beefy’s store locations.

All Beefy’s gluten free pies and sausage rolls are produced on separate and/or shared equipment that is cleaned systematically and inspected prior to production of our gluten free products. Our gluten free range is individually packaged to ensure zero cross contamination.

You see, for years, Beefy’s Owner Mark Hobbs couldn’t share a Beefy’s meat pie with his son, Michael, who was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease at three years of age. Imagine only being able to smell a Beefy’s meat pie and sausage roll and never being able to eat one! Absolute torture.

In 2013, with so many new gluten free flours available, Mark set out to make the perfect gluten free meat pie and sausage roll. He certainly achieved his goal. The end result didn’t just satisfy Mark’s son Michael’s tastebuds, in 2014, the Beefy’s steak pie was awarded a gold medal at the Great Aussie Pie Competition, one of the nation’s most hotly contested and highly regarded events. And as we’ve already mentioned, our gluten free meat pie has gone on to win other awards since then.