You’re never too famous to visit a Beefy’s

How do we know?

The team at Beefy’s, Mango Hill was lucky enough to receive a visit from our very own Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, on Wednesday 17th February. But, he wasn’t just passing through, it was an organised visit.

He was there to take a look at our award-winning pies, and to see how we operate as part of the Government’s National Innovation and Science agenda that seeks to incentivise innovation and entrepreneurship, reward risk taking, and promote science, maths and computing in schools.

He was impressed by what he saw.

Now remember, this man is not only our Prime Minister. He’s a very successful businessman and was part of the movement that helped bring the internet to Australian shores back in the 90’s. So, to say we’re pretty chuffed that he was impressed by what we’re doing is an understatement.

So, what’s so innovative about Beefy’s? It’s our use of the TANDA staff management software.

The software works to make management of ordinarily mundane tasks a breeze. It was developed by four university students in Brisbane and is currently taking the shift working industry by storm.

The software has loads of benefits, including no-paper timesheets, is integrated with our accounting system and gives us the ability to view live attendance, automate rosters and even send SMS reminders to employees about their shifts.
It has been a very welcome addition to the Beefy’s brand and we are so proud that we were chosen to be the ones to show the Prime Minister how it works.

Who knows, maybe the Queen will visit next week.