They’re off and racing in Gympie’s Beefy’s pie eating competition

The Gympie Jockey Club Hotel will be holding their annual Beefy’s pie eating competition as part of their Australia Day celebrations.

The competition is open to anyone wishing to take part, with one competition for the adults and another for the kids.

Don’t eat too much for lunch as the competition will commence at 2.30pm. Participants will be required to eat three delicious, warm Beefy’s pies. The adults will eat full-size pies while the kids will feast on party-size versions. The first person to eat all three pies in each competition will be crowned as Champion and will get to take home some great prizes.

There will be other competitions on the day, including a keg race at 11.00am and a thong throwing competition straight after the Beefy’s pie eating contest. The festivities will also include a traditional Australia Day Barbeque from 4.00pm. The hotel bar and restaurant will be operating as usual from 10am until late.

The day of celebrations will also provide the opportunity for visitors and locals alike to support the rebuilding of the Century-old Kadanga Hotel south of Gympie that was sadly destroyed by an early morning fire in December of 2015. All proceeds from the Australia Day raffles at the Gympie Jockey Club Hotel will go to this very worthy cause and Queensland icon.

So, come down early, register for the Beefy’s pie eating competition and enjoy the day catching up with friends and family at the Gympie Jockey Club Hotel this Australia Day.