Man in red suit spotted leaving Beefy’s

The team at Beefy’s were surprised to receive a visit from a much-loved man in a red suit this week. Although well-known to many and easily recognisable, the man asked not to have his identity revealed. He had travelled a long way to meet Mr Beefy to purchase a large quantity of Beefy’s gift cards for Christmas.


The man explained, “Beefy’s gift cards make great stocking fillers. I like to give the perfect gift to everyone and I know from past experience that these Beefy’s gift cards are considered the perfect gift by pie lovers everywhere.”

“There’s a pie lover in every family so I encourage every family to buy at least one Beefy’s gift card this Christmas,” he added.

He said he has a soft spot for Beefy’s pies himself, and that families expecting a visit from Santa this year might like to consider leaving a Beefy’s pie in place of the cookie that they traditionally offer, as Santa love’s Beefy’s pies.

When asked how he knew so much about Santa’s love of Beefy’s pies, he simply laughed off the question with a jolly ‘Ho, ho, ho!”