Meet Angela, our competition winner!

Last week, Angela and John from Mango Hill were announced as the Win Beefy’s Pies for a Whole Year competition winners. This week they visited Beefy’s Mango Hill to receive their prize, where they were welcomed by Beefy’s Mango Hill team member Bianca, and Beefy’s Area Manager Sharon.

Angela and John took home vouchers entitling them to receive one pack of five Beefy’s lunch-size meat pies every week, for 52 weeks. That’s 260 pies in total, valued at up to $1937.00 RRP.

They now have the freedom to use one voucher every week, or multiple vouchers every few weeks. That way Beefy’s can be front and centre at any-sized gathering Angela and John host.

Congratulations, once again, Angela and John. The Beefy’s team looks forward to providing you with bigger, better, beefier meat pies during the next twelve months.