Gluten free? It can't be!  Beefy's gluten free pies and gourmet sausage roll taste so good you won't believe they're gluten free.

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Beefy's owner Mark Hobbs and his son Michael.

Beefy's owner Mark Hobbs and his son Michael.


You see, for years, Beefy’s Owner Mark Hobbs couldn’t share a Beefy’s meat pie with his son, Michael, who was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease at three years of age. Imagine only being able to smell a Beefy’s meat pie and sausage roll and never being able to eat one! Absolute torture.

In 2013, with so many new gluten free flours available, Mark set out to make the perfect gluten free meat pie and sausage roll. He certainly achieved his goal. The end result didn’t just satisfy Mark’s son Michael’s tastebuds. In 2014, the Beefy’s steak pie was awarded a gold medal at the Great Aussie Pie Competition, one of the nation’s most hotly contested and highly regarded events. And as we’ve already mentioned, our gluten free meat pie has gone on to win other awards since then.

Now every Australian family can dine out at Beefy’s or have a Beefy’s pie night at home. No one needs to miss out.

Beefy’s gluten free Signature Steak pie and Beefy's gluten free Steak, Bacon and Cheese pie  is available as a lunch-time sized option, along with the Beefy’s gluten free Gourmet sausage roll. Find them on the Beefy’s pie menu and Beefy’s pastries menu. Buy them hot to enjoy on the go or cold to reheat at your convenience from your nearest Beefy’s store locations.

All Beefy’s gluten free pies and sausage rolls are produced on separate and/or shared equipment that is cleaned systematically and inspected prior to production of our gluten free products. Our gluten free range is individually packaged to ensure zero cross contamination.


Our gluten free signature steak pie has won awards Australia-wide, for taste and quality, including ‘Winner of Australia’s Best Gluten Free Pie 2015’ at the Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition in Sydney.

Most importantly though, the fact they’re gluten free means that Beefy’s meat pies and gourmet sausage rolls can now feature in the lives of Australian families like the Hobbs family.


You can walk into any one of our bakeries and pick up a Gluten Free pie or you can have them home delivered to your door at the same price as our individual gluten free pie price and we’ll pay for the delivery cost of any 12 gluten free pies.

Shipping is FREE Australia-wide to available postcodes.

Our home delivery shop is open for business and our team is ready to deliver your order.