Proudly giving back

Supporting events, clubs and charities

At Beefy’s, we recognise our customers are much more than just Beefy’s supporters. Every day we satisfy the tastebuds of real people who support a range of charities, clubs and groups, both in their local community and further afield. 

Beefy’s customers include school tuckshop volunteers, kids sporting team coaches, fundraising BBQ chefs, door-to-door charity collectors and more. Outside of work, some of our team members wear these hats too. 

As a family-owned business, giving back to the communities in which we work is part of our DNA. We do it quietly, and without a lot of fuss, but we are more than happy to sing the praises of organisations and people we support. 

How can we support you?

We have own ideas, but you’ll have yours too. So let us know what you’re thinking by completing our application form here and returning it to, and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Alternatively, you can jump on board one of our established community support programs:


Raise money for your club or cause by hosting a Beefy’s pie drive. Everyone loves a pie and we’ve designed a fundraising package to help you to maximise the returns you receive from your efforts, and one that makes fundraising easy. 

Contact for more info.


Our kids are all superstars when they’re on the sporting field, and Beefy’s can help you to reward them for their hard work with an encouragement award. Beefy’s encouragement awards are already being delivered by a range of sporting clubs each weekend, all year round – clubs that are working hard to develop our sporting stars of tomorrow. 

Contact for more info

If you’re keen to read about some of the community initiatives, charities and events we’ve supported lately, visit our news feed.